AVP produces TV commercials and video loops for many jewelry vendors. Once a vendor has produced a video, it can affordably be personalized with the retailer's information.

Tell Your Vendor
Retailer are our best salespeople when it comes to vendor commercials. If your favorite vendor hasn't produced an ad, make sure you let them know you want one.

AVP's current vendor commercials are suitable for HD broadcast, websites, and other applications. Unlike many "tagged" ads, our vendor commercials are designed to have the entire 30 second narration read for each retailer - not just the last 5 seconds.

Watch a playlist of our latest vendor commercials:

AVP has also produced video loops for vendors. These typically feature beautiful merchandise and are great for in-store use.

Watch a playlist of available vendor loops:

There is a $150 fee to have a vendor commercial personalized for your store. The fee includes narration, adding you store's logo and information, upload for broadcast, and DVD.

Personalization Fee:  $150

About Vendor Cost
The price of an original production can vary. Vendors who wish to have a new commercial or loop produced for use by their retail customers should contact AVP for a quote.

To order a vendor commercial or loop contact AVP via email or call 800-632-2188.