AVP produces TV commercials, loops, promotional videos, training videos, and photography for many jewelry vendors.

Are You A Retailer?
This page is intended to to provide information about our services to vendors. If you are a retailer looking for materials already produced, go here.

AVP's vendor commercials are suitable for HD broadcast, websites, and other applications. Unlike many "tagged" ads, our vendor commercials are designed to have the entire 30 second narration read for each retailer - not just the last 5 seconds. Once a vendor has produced a video, it can affordably be personalized for your customer's with their information.

Watch a playlist of typical vendor commercials:

AVP also produces video loops for vendors. These typically feature beautiful merchandise and are great for in-store use by retailers. They are also perfect for trade shows.

Watch samples of vendor loops:

AVP produces promotional videos that can be used to raise awareness of your company or a new product line.

View demos of promotional videos:

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Training videos play an important role in helping customers effectively sell a unique produce line.

Check out some training video examples:

As with our video services, AVP aims to provide high quality still photography at an affordable price. Resolution is suitable for print advertising, catalogs, websites, and image libraries. Clipping and retouching are included with photography.

Need Printing?
AVP can print banners, posters, duratrans, and more using the digital photography you have created. Go here to learn more.

Our 3D 360 imagery is a dynamic new way of experiencing jewelry for your website or mobile app. Manipulate like a CAD image but with the beauty and authenticity of the actual piece.

Because of their complexity and variety, vendor projects are quoted based on the specifics of the job. To request a quote or ask questions, contact AVP via email or call 800-632-2188.