AVP has been offering specialty services to the jewelry industry for over 20 years. As our production capabilities continue to expand, we remain commited to our goal of providing both quality and value for independent retailers and vendors. This page gives an overview of our current range of services.

Experts in the Jewelry Industry
There is a difference that comes with a company that "knows" jewelry. From mines in Brazil to diamond cutters in Belgium and Israel, gemstone suppliers in South East Asia, or your hometown jeweler - AVP travels the globe for our clients.

Superior Jewelry Imaging
AVP jewelry video projects stand out because of our unique filming method that highlights the jewelry from all angles while in motion. Our photography and 3D 360˙ imaging are also impressive. Whether you're a retailer or a vendor, AVP has solutions for every facet of the jewelry industry.

AVP creates custom TV commercials, video loops, and raw footage with the needs of the retail jeweler in mind. Click below to discover how AVP can take your advertising to the next level.


AVP offers a special collection of television commercials, videos, and other marketing materials for members of the Independent Jewelers Organization. Click below to learn more and see previews.





AVP provides high resolution digital photography and retouching of jewelry that is intended for print, web, and other advertising uses. Click below to learn more.


AVP produces TV commercials, footage reels, and promotional videos for jewelry designers and manufacturers around the world. Click below to see samples.
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A dynamic new way of experiencing jewelry for your website or mobile app. Manipulate like a CAD image but with the beauty and authenticity of the actual piece.