We call them "Show" Commercials because they are typically filmed at the IJO's semiannual shows, but they can be produced throughout they year. These jewelry themed video ads are designed for social media like Youtube and Facebook, TV broadcast and cable, plus in-store use.

Show Videos Ads can be purchased in one of three different ways:

On-Camera at IJO Show
Most members film their video ad at the IJO shows in our on-site "studio" setup which includes a teleprompter. Appointments can be made at AVP's booth during the show. This is the recommended format and the version shown in the demos.

Your Voiceover or Narration
This option is for stores that either don't want to be on-camera or need a video in-between shows. The on-camera segment is replaced with additional footage and a narration tag.

Graphics Only
With "Graphics Only" you are just purchasing the video's visuals and audio as a generic template. This allows you to film the on-camera segments and complete the editing with your local tv station.

These are the latest video ads introduced for Spring/Summer 2021:

Standard Video Ads
Most videos ads fall under this category. The pricing is the same for either "on-camera" or "narration tag" formats.

1 Video Ad:  $300
Additional Video Ads:   $200

Graphics Only:   50% Off

Mini Ad Bundles
Facebook Mini Ads are sold in bundles of 5 :15 sec ads. Minis can be mixed and matched into custom bundles or combined with standard video ads

1 Bundle:  $300
Additional Bundles:   $200

Premier Video Ads
Premier video ads feature special licensed music and no on-camera portion. They are listed as "Premier" on the order form and playlist description.

1 Premier Package:   $600
Additional:   $400

Event Video Ads
Event video ads promote special events like sales, weather promotions, and store anniversaries. They are customized to fit the details of your event.

Event Video Ad:   $350

Custom Video Ads
Sometimes you need an ad not covered in the existing library. A custom video ad may feature elements from existing ads or be built from scratch.

Custom Video Ad:   From $350

Add-On Options

Animated 3D Logo:   +$300
Radio Ad from TV:   +$25

Custom Jewelry Shooting
Add your jewelry in place of the stock pieces. There are no additional editing charges with a combined purchase of video ads plus jewelry shooting.

Minimum Order: 10 Pieces - $35/piece
Quantity Order:50+ Pieces - $30/piece

Follow the link below to access a playlist with demos of all available video ads. If you are looking for a particular type of ad, don't hesitate to contact us:

Right-click on the links below to download PDF order forms and scripts:

To place an order email AVP with your list of commercials or call 800-632-2188.

Have an idea for a ad?
We're always looking for new ideas to bring to the group. Some of our most popular ads have come from member suggestions. Don't be afraid to pitch your concept.