AVP can produce custom radio ads for IJO members. Many times we'll create a spot that ties-in with one of our TV commercials. We can also produce an original script based on your idea.

Listen to a selection of typical radio ads below:

Customized Jingles
AVP has produced a series of three jingles that can be customized for your store. You can choose from three different musical "styles". Jingle purchase come complete with 9 mix-outs in 30 and 60 second lengths.

Right-click on the links below to download "full-sing" samples of the three jingles:

Master IJO Jeweler Jingle
IJO had also produced a generic jingle that is free for all members to use.

Right-click on the link below to download:

AVP can record messages for your on-hold system. We can work from stock scripts or create custom ones. While we don't sell hardware, we can suggest some affordable solutions.

Listen to a sampler of on-hold messages below:

Custom Radio Ad:   $75

Customized Jingles:  $899 each
Original Jingle:  By Quote

Message On-Hold (5 Messages):  $229
Message On-Hold (Single):  $50

To order a radio ad, jingle, or on-hold message contact AVP via email or call 800-632-2188.